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We have developed a Strategic Partnership Program to secure a robust and agile deployment capacity and capability.

We have selected top-notch players, leading their own sector within the automotive market segment:

R&D partnerships:

Innocenti has decided not to be just an "object" of mobility, but also a professional opportunity for young people. In fact, thanks to an agreement with the University of Palermo, the conditions will be created to form a true Style Centre within the production unit where the students of the Engineering Faculty will work and contribute to product development.

The Engineering Faculty in Rome has a long and proven track record on thinking, designing and realizing ZEV. They have developed applicable R&D concepts and Industry Partnerships resulting into prototype production on several ZEV vehicles which will be “used” as basic under development portfolio, together with Innocenti, in order to set-up an innovation pipeline towards future industrial and commercialized products. 

Supply Chain partnerships:

As the Eastern Europe market leader since more than 65 years, Romet is producing state of the art bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles. It is a synonym of quality appreciated not only in Poland, but also in many European countries. The Romet brand has a long history and strong tradition, yet it is a brand that keeps looking ahead. The contemporary Romet is entirely focused on modern solutions and together with Innocenti is ready to introduce quadricycles that combine a European style with outstanding quality.

Distribution partnerships:

ACI Global, heir of ACI 116 Servizio Soccorso Stradale SpA, has been operating for over sixty years alongside the Automobile Club d'Italia with the mission of guaranteeing, always and everywhere, safety and serenity to motorists providing qualified assistance thanks to continuous technological and operational innovation.

With over 1,800 service points ACI Global is the undisputed Italian leader in personal assistance services, for contingencies related to the use of vehicles 
To this is added a specific Network, dedicated to Health Care, able to intervene all over the world.

ACI Global will provide the best possible network of technical support and road assistance services for Innocenti Italia.

Branding partnerships:

ABC Production+ is an independent and international communication agency founded in Milan in 1962. With over 100 talented individuals, ABC is an elite team of experts that creates inspirational communication projects in line with its client’s DNA. 

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